Sunday, December 1, 2013

busy busy busy...

-Zone conference! Its always fun to see the other missionaries, get pumped up and feel the spirit! I love sharing testimonies, stories and getting trained on how we can be better! On the way home, we stopped by a graveyard... It was November 1st, "the day of the dead". They honor the dead by lighting hundreds of candles and it was really beautiful!

-Sunday was a Great fast! I love fasting and praying over these people! I think fasting is so cool, putting off the natural man, its such an opportunity to grow! We had 15 people at church including us 4 missionaries:)

-Ok...Ive never been this tired. EVER. And it doesn't make sense that Im so happy! Im learning a foreign language, ME!! I am in awe when I understand these people and they understand me!

-we were doing some "rescuing" of some less actives and we found an address of a son of one of our less actives! we took the tram right over there! haha it was a little bit more packed than normal and I was squeezing my way through saying "samo malo molim" (excuse me please!) I made it through just in time, but I heard a faint "SESTRA"... I turned around and there was sestra clark with the door shut and her book of mormon was held out in attempt to open the tram doors! her face and mine im sure were shocked! everyone was laughing at us! thankfully the driver opened the doors!! it was hilarious! He was home and we were able to get a phone number from him, and another address! it was a miracle!  so we headed out to find her :) we started out on what turned out to be one of thee most sacred experiences of my life... it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day! the weather changed... and we were already really far away from home so we just kept on going! it soon started raining, and of coarse i forgot my umbrella.(kisa bran) i didnt care, i was full of hope and faith. it turned into a much longer walk than we thought... i was freezing...soaking wet and so tired but our Savior kept me walking... In that moment i realized just how sacred each and every soul is to Him. However uncomfortable i was for that short moment, i knew i would get to go home, shower and change...Be comfortable, dry and warm. BUT then i thought...what awaits our souls if we reject our savior? i would have walked for days and days just to let this woman feel our Saviors love. we finally got to her home, she wasnt interested in seeing us at that moment... i thought my heart was going to shatter. BUT me walking in the rain for days, wont bring her back, if it could... i would. the only one that can save her soul, has already done everything he can do...he has suffered for our sins and all he asks is to follow him. why as humans is it so easy to stay in the rain?  when we know what we need to do to become dry, comfortable, warm and safe.

-On friday i really felt anxiety like lehi, nephi and jacob for these people! we walked for 3 hours and not one potential investigator let us in BUT "all is well, all is well."

-Church was so beautiful!! awww my all time favorite by far. just so many people were there, i think there might have been more than 20!!!

-Sestra clarke had me teach the first lesson to maria, her 5 yr old daughter, and husband. Ive never been so scared in my life! with petar, the prestons and maria there, everyone spoke croation, but i just went for it in croatian! i did it!!! it was thee best thing ive ever done! my soul was literally rejoicing as i told her about the restoration! nothing feels better than it. honestly! i could perform in front of a billion people and it wouldnt even come close to how important this is!

-im so thankful that i know without a doubt that our heavenly father and savior live! it is thee biggest honor to put our saviors name, the name of his restored church, and to wear our families name everyday, my biggest hope is that i am representing all three like they deserve.

-MOMMY!! im 100% safe all the time!!! honestly, we are so smart and careful and seriously osijek is so small and everyone is so nice. like, maybe they dont wanna listen to us sometimes but i have never felt scared! we always mix up our routes, and we just avoid scary looking guys and we are just very smart and safe. we always walk in lighted areas, and our apt is in such a nice area, with beautiful families! I'm so safe but im still very aware, i promise!! :)

-we saw luka and walked with him to school, kids switch off with school here! so they go in the mornings, then at nights every other week, so crazy!

-i am getting better with dealing with rejection. then i just pour out in prayer for them that our heavenly father knows them and he has a plan for them and it will all work out in his time not ours.

-i talk to people all the time, its just mastering how to turn the conversation into the church... im getting pretty good at it!!

-i cant believe ive been a missionary for 6 months! im a third of the way done can you believe it?! i love my mission so much, im getting to the point where i am more comfortable and calm and im not as hard on myself. its very nice!

-i know ive heard people say your very tired on your mission. but i seriously had NO idea! honestly anything else in life will be easy. ha! we are full time missionaries and right now we have about every female calling in a church! but i love every second of it! i appreciate church so much more now! i can't wait to come home and ask our stake president where he needs me, and then ask for our less active list... let me at em!!!!

-anna is writing a song as part of her young women projects. the song is really good, i love using music to build up the kingdom.

-nenad came to church!!!!! i have been praying for that for 4 months!!!