Monday, July 15, 2013

MTC. week seven

"I had no idea mom! This is my 7th week! Can you believe that?! I can't... in less than 3 weeks I will be in either Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia or get this... MONTENEGRO they just added that beautiful country to our mission!"

"My favorite thing from our tuesday devotional was " are you serving time, or the Lord?"

" Wednesday I was thee most tired ive been! Im trying to earn my nights sleep by pushing myself to the limits in all areas! i keep thinking about our reunion at the airport... i kind of tear up every time i think about it... but i want to earn those hugs!!"

"Im learning habits that i want to keep for eternity, I LOVE the book of mormon!"

This week it was Sestra Petersons! She also got a package we sent to her... Van made her some little pom pom animals :)
another funny story for ya...
She ran into Matthew Raun, and wanted to take a picture with him... Well Matthews companion thought that was just a sin! He said to Matthew... " Elder! You cant take a picture with a girl alone!" so Brandie said... "Well could you come on the other side of me then and be in it with us??" his reply... "No! I can stand on the other side of Elder Raun." hahahaha (last photo)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

MTC. week 6

"I came into the MTC believing... but now I KNOW that God and His son live! I have studied and studied and prayed harder than I ever have, and I know that this gospel is true. I know now, that there is a difference in knowing the church is true... and being TRUE to His church."

"Dont EVER confuse Gods patience with absence."

MTC. week five

"Sunday WOW it was just an amazing day! Relief Society was unreal! The speaker was a spiritual beast and she made so many powerful bold statements, one of my favorites was she was explaining how her sons are in the military... She said, "Its a very mild comparison but I know whats its like to have your children in enemy territory." She compared having her sons at war to Heavenly Father watching His children at war. We are literally everyday in enemies territory. But just like her sons who wouldn't go into war unprepared, we are prepared... we have weapons! We have the Book of Mormon and personal revelation, we ALREADY know who is going to win the war and yet we still battle within ourselves everyday."

 So this picture makes me laugh so hard!  here is the story behind it!...
"Let me just tell you how passionate Miss Peterson was about getting on TV she litterally talked about it for weeks! Saying I have to make it on tv so my family can see me and I can show my kids bla bla bla haha I was just like you will be!!! Ok so every missionary wanted to be in the choir to sing at this event. We didn't know if everyone that wanted to sing in the choir would be able too. But Sestra Peterson wouldn't hear of it "we WILL be in the choir!" ok, so we ate our lunch by the gate so we could be first to start walking towards the Marriot Center.... so all the missionaries were getting a little excited... ok we all start walking very fast towards the Marriot center ha ha it was the craziest thing I bet you anything that Heavenly Father and His Son were just cracking up it was thee coolest thing to see thousands of missionaries rushing to the Marriot center like it was a Justin Beiber concert or something honestly thats what it felt like haha......... ok so Sestra Peterson was all but running now ok I get flat tired by an elder behind me and Sestra Peterson looks at me and says "if you stop I will push you!" haha so we are sprinting at this point she cuts across the parking lot ok we were the first sisters in there hahahahahaha and we were on the first row! She was so excited she was getting "camera ready" haha she even told the camera guy that she "would be smiling the whole time" I was just excited to be five yards from the apostles!!!"   Best thing ever.... she NEVER made it on the camera! there is her arm... next to Brandie! hahaha