Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I love Osijek!

Wednesday was quite the day! So we were tracting and rang the bell and low and behold a legit straight up NUN answered the door!!! It was her apt... haha she said well I think you can see we probably won't have much more to talk about but it was really nice to meet you!! haha it was insane ill never forget that!

Thursday we went out to Vukovar to visit a less active member. Her husband is kindof blind I guess, and she said go get them something, so he went and put 5 cough drops on a plate and we each took one! haha adorable! Im keeping mine forever!

(pictures will be coming soon!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

another week gone by:)

I gave out 3 Book of Mormons in one night!! and they were like to interested people! So even when we have hard things happen we just have to keep going or we miss out on miracles!

We were on our way to church and this super cute lady with a baby said hi to US from across the street...this NEVER happens haha. She called us over, we almost had a heart attack. She said I want to show you something, she had a Book of Mormon in Croatian, and English and a Doctrine in Covenants. I thought I was dreaming, she got us cookies and juice and she was taught by missioanaries 4 years ago and that she lost touch and so we will be seeing her next week!:)

We just learned if you work really hard when you are having a hard time, miracles from other days will comfort you... if that makes sense!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

still loving every minute it.

We went to the church to study the Mormonova Kniga with Bozo, he is a "life long investigator." He wont get baptized but comes to church every week, studies the BOM everyday. He even pays tithing, like he is amazing but why he wont get baptized is because "the catholic church need good people too" haha! We will have a heart to heart sometime!!

sooooooo hot today. 104 degrees. not joking, and no one was outside and everyone was in a really bad mood haha. We taught Stjepan he is amazing!! We taught him the first lesson we asked him if he had any questions and he said no, only answers!! He came to church and says he will be at English classes and we will teach him on friday like what?!! God prepared him.

There is only one young women in their ward! she is pictured below.
The building in the picture below has bullet holes from the war.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first area.

God is great mom! He knew exactly where I needed to be and exactly who I needed to be with. My new companion is Sestra Clarke and were serving in Osijek.

Weve been tracting in apt buildings. I just laugh off the mean people and focus on the nice ones.
I talk, sing, or yodel to EVERYONE. :)

I made it!

 I got to talk to my family from the airport!!! I prayed to my Heavenly Father that I wouldn't get homesick when I talked to them and he answered my prayer! I loved talking to everyone!!!
 At the Paris airport...
My mission President and Sister Rowe...

MTC. week nine

They made it so fun sending us on a treasure hunt.
Croatia... here we come!

On Saturday- We did a Zonska Activist, it was incredible. We went from room to room and different teachers in the zone talked to us about different things, it was really spiritual probably because it was in english and we could understand it haha.
The teacher had us write down all the reasons the Savior came to Earth.
1: He was thee only one that could.
2: Because He loves us
3: God told him to.
Then the teacher blew our minds and asked us why did you come on a mission? It was all the SAME reasons!!! Im getting teary eyed just thinking a bout it now. The spirit testified to us that we are more like Christ than we realized.

Thought for the week "The Lord and Lucifer have one thing in common, they both desire us to be like them. So choose, and endure to the end.

I really feel like I needed these 9 weeks to detox from the world. I love this gospel, I love God, I love His Son, I love YOU all, I stand all amazed at how great thou art. HE LIVES!

MTC. week eight

Sacrament was so powerful, in one of the talks the speaker said, "our Heavenly Father doesn't send us here to start a race, he sent us to finish the race."

Sestra Peterson read me something when I was upset, she said, " if no one ever offended you, you could never learn to forgive or internalize mercy.....  if you were never wearied by the annoying behavior of another  or the repeated failures of yourself, or someone else, you never become truly patient."

Quote of the day: "Heavenly Father binds us to free us, Satan "frees us" to "bind us"

My goal is to read the whole quad by the end of my mission.