Sunday, August 11, 2013

MTC. week nine

They made it so fun sending us on a treasure hunt.
Croatia... here we come!

On Saturday- We did a Zonska Activist, it was incredible. We went from room to room and different teachers in the zone talked to us about different things, it was really spiritual probably because it was in english and we could understand it haha.
The teacher had us write down all the reasons the Savior came to Earth.
1: He was thee only one that could.
2: Because He loves us
3: God told him to.
Then the teacher blew our minds and asked us why did you come on a mission? It was all the SAME reasons!!! Im getting teary eyed just thinking a bout it now. The spirit testified to us that we are more like Christ than we realized.

Thought for the week "The Lord and Lucifer have one thing in common, they both desire us to be like them. So choose, and endure to the end.

I really feel like I needed these 9 weeks to detox from the world. I love this gospel, I love God, I love His Son, I love YOU all, I stand all amazed at how great thou art. HE LIVES!

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