Sunday, September 22, 2013

hi... o hi !!!

The traditional meal here is... Cobanac, Its this big bowl of red soup, its spicy and delicious and you have it over noodles! Its great:)

How the branch works... We have Sacrament each week and then either sunday school or relief society and priesthood. The missionaries teach primary when our 2 kids come! They love learning the songs, they had never sung "popcorn popping!" Can you believe that?! and they also love the latter day prophet song.

Thursday we taught Mario, he is just the nicest! He is studying so much, he has listened to all these tapes and reads the BOM like crazy! He is sooooo close he just cant get over the smoking and drinking thing.

The Prestons sat us down and told us we need to start taking breaks haha. We just hate wasting time! They say we need to slow down, and not be so hard on ourselves, it really helped me!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Wednesday... I went to Bosnia for the day!
Bosnia was beautiful, the people were really nice, we met so many potentials!
Sestra Compare was so nice! She said the she had never seen the people smile like that before, she said that I need to use the way I can make people smile always on my mission!

Thursday- It was a really hard day...we had lost some time from the drive back to Croatia then it was just one thing after another. It turns out Stjepan made everything up and that he was just scamming us thee whole time. It was really hard because I know I felt the spirit while teaching him. But Im so thankful for my Heavenly Father because instead of feeling sorry for myself He showed me what Christ sees. And all the time I just feel love for Stjepan and I feel sorry for him. I here "forgive him for he knows not what he does" and ya it was a really sacred lesson to learn!

Sunday- A guy gave us an apple on the way to church... it was so hard not to eat it because it was fast sunday haha but fasting is sooooooo cool. I love learning about it! I love my life!!