Sunday, August 18, 2013

still loving every minute it.

We went to the church to study the Mormonova Kniga with Bozo, he is a "life long investigator." He wont get baptized but comes to church every week, studies the BOM everyday. He even pays tithing, like he is amazing but why he wont get baptized is because "the catholic church need good people too" haha! We will have a heart to heart sometime!!

sooooooo hot today. 104 degrees. not joking, and no one was outside and everyone was in a really bad mood haha. We taught Stjepan he is amazing!! We taught him the first lesson we asked him if he had any questions and he said no, only answers!! He came to church and says he will be at English classes and we will teach him on friday like what?!! God prepared him.

There is only one young women in their ward! she is pictured below.
The building in the picture below has bullet holes from the war.

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