Friday, May 31, 2013

MTC. week one

Our first email!
Come to find out her P.days are on friday... so we were pleasantly surprised to hear from her already!
She LOVES her companion! Her name is Sestra Peterson and is from San Antonio Texas. She is a music major, and has a beautiful opera voice. What a perfect match for Brandie!  Brandie is loving every minute of the MTC. She says when she smiles it reaches her eyes:)
She says her language class is very humbling and overwhelming... The teacher only speaks in Croatian  to them so its kinda hard to follow! Her first day she went out in the hall and fell to her knees to ask, no..."beg" for some sort of understanding of the language. When she went back into the classroom, everything just "clicked" :) She is just super happy and loving her first week of the MTC. 

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