Wednesday, November 6, 2013

catching up...

Well hello there... its me, the slacker sister, aka Brandies blog runner. I know, I know I have not updated this thing in a LONG time. But thats about to change! Im not gonna confuse myself and put all her recent emails into order along with putting which pictures go to what weeks.... so heres a little catchup on the past o....5 weeks or so!
Can you believe she's been gone almost 6 months! Come Christmas and we've only got a year left of missing this sweet thing:) ok...

-Looks like me and Sestra Clarke are together for 6 more weeks here in Osijek! WOOT WOOT!

-Honestly my love and appreciation for America has grown so much while being here! Feeling and seeing the affects of a communist government, o man it has changed me forever! But these people are moving forward and they are ready for the gospel they just don't know it yet! haha

-I have now been studying Croatian for 4 months now so I have to remember this when I get frustrated! I love learning and most of all I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!! Its honestly overwhelming at times and I just care so much and I want to do all that i can but i just have to remember that everyone has their free agency and that Heavenly Father doesn't give us only one chance to learn His gospel.

-I am so thankful for the atonement I look at the person I am today, and who I was a year ago and I am so thankful for the grace and plan our Heavenly Father has for each and every one of His children.

-For Zone Conference Sestra Clarke and I got to drive to Serbia all by ourselves!! President Rowe is so close to the spirit, I have never felt the Spirit SO strong for SO long. Its so nice to see other missionaries and to feel the spirit, and to just learn and grow with each other.

-On Saturdays we clean the church and its honestly one of my favorite things! Its so small and humble and it is when I have felt the spirit the strongest! Taking care of our Heavenly Fathers church and making it nice because the Saints here need a nice place to worship.

-Denaja the less active member, we had taught last week and her son came to church!!! It was a miracle!

-We had lunch at Snjezanas, she is quite the chef! In Croatia they start their meals off with soup, its like top raman but so much better! They make homemade noodles and cook the meat in the soup for hours!  Then there was chicken stomach with gravy. (not my favorite!)... BUT! then she pulls out this huge thing of pork like HUGE! plus two salads and potatoes!

-We taught Evica and Jelica and I TAUGHT THE LESSON IN CROATIAN!!! It was amazing and they both were participating and their son Denni even was listening!

-Sestra Clarke and I always get stared at... this one guy ran his stroller into a sidewalk because he was staring at us! haha

- Saturday was by far my favorite day in Croatia! So Vesnar not only just says hi to us at this fair, she like escorted us thee whole time and she is very well known. We did sooooooo much for the church just by being seen with her! She made sure we saw every booth and ate all the food, I bought so many cool things! Then all of a sudden we were riding around in this carriage and then swinging around on these swings in our skirts! We had pizza and brownies then we all went out to the bridge.

-People call us, then hang up, so that we will call them back because they don't have any money, and then it charges us. haha

-We had an exchange with the sisters in Bosnia! Sestra Krump came here and Sestra Clarke went there! Sestra Krump likes to run, so we got up and ran! It was so great! We ran past the Cathedral, up the Drava and over the bridge, it was amazing but so cold! She taught me to relax and said we are doing more than everything right and that it is ok to have fun!!

-Two girls asked us if we knew Justin Beiber and asked us for our autographs! haha

- Conference. Yes! It was very hard to watch it in Croatian!! I will laugh if anyone ever complains or can't understand General Conference again!  I loved Conference!

-We went to visit Evika, she was the member that was in the hospital. It was so good to see her and her daughter who is less active and her kids were there too! Brother Preston gave her a blessing, it was so powerful, they were all in their living room for it and that never happens! Evika doesnt understand English at all but she said she still wanted the blessing because Heavenly Father understand all languages and the spirit was just so strong!

- This sunday we had 21 people at church! We were so excited! well including us 4 missionaries! ha

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