Monday, June 24, 2013

MTC. week four

In Brandies words... week four going strong :)

"I always have to be in touch with the spirit as I teach because God knows everyone. He just needs us to set it up so He can FINALLY communicate with His children:)"

"Its overwhelming the love and greatness of our Savior! Truly understanding Christ is how we can endure to the end. HE LIVES :)"

"Pray until your knees hurt... (oh by the knees have calluses on them hahaha I cant imagine them after 17 more months!)"

"Elder Gay stated that we have been prepared from the foundation of the world to go serve the people we are about to serve! humbling."

"I just love temples, I think its one of Gods greatest gifts to us! I had a moment where I was looking at the Poland missionaries and I literally felt all the people they are going to teach, it was a very special experience :)"

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