Monday, June 24, 2013

MTC. week three

Three weeks down! and we still miss her guts! Here are a few lines from her emails for a little update on her 3rd week in the MTC...

"I am SO happy! I love coming unto the lord more earnestly than ever before!"

"I love learning the language, Croatian is so beautiful and I can feel my love grow for those countries so much, as my love for this gospel, for God, for Christ, for the people I am serving with and for the  people Im about to serve grows!"

"Its the best thing ever to get letters! we all go outside of the cafeteria and wait to see if we get mail!!"

"I love feeling the spirit almost all day every day! I never want to live without it!"

"I wonder why we put things off that we know will make us more happy ya know?? Why do we do
that? Like I know how much reading the Book of Mormon will help, but I put it off...Why??"

"One of the talks in sacrament was about knowing the Church is true and being true to the church. So I KNOW this church is true, so why not be true to it?!"

"We had a huge devotional at the Marriot center, all of us missionaries walking to the Marriot center was quite a sight! There were so many of us! It gives me chills, I wonder if the prophet knew how many of us would rise to his call, preparing the world for Christ's coming. I KNOW its true mom! Im tearing up as I say it."

"God lives and he knows each one of us, its thee most intimate relationship we have, and we need to treasure it and nourish it!"

Brandie is growing spiritually more and more each day... you can see it and feel it throughout her emails, and I am so so proud of her! :)

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